Layout Files & Part List available


The layout files of the enyport expansion shield for the Raspberry Pi are available now for free! For making your own enyport expansion shield feel free to download the eagle files and have a look at the table below, to see what parts you need to populate the board.


Download eagle files for enyport expansion shield:


Partlist of all Components

transceiver modules & IC's
eagle IDmodulepart numberpackagelink
U1 FS20 (culfw Firmware) CC110x-Serial-Module(CSM) SMD-PCB
U2 EnOcean TCM310 SMD-PCB
U3 XBee XBee ZNet 2.5/XBee-PRO see Pin Headers
U4, U5 SPI-UART Bridge SC16IS752 TSSOP28
U6 Zigbee JN5168-001-M03 SMD-PCB
IC1 Linear Regulator LD1117DT33 DPACK
Components & Pin Headers
eagle IDtypevaluepackagelink
C1 Capacitor 10 uF 0603
C2, C3, C6 Capacitor 100 nF 0603
C4, C8 Capacitor 22 pF 0603
C5, C7 Capacitor 33 pF 0603
R1 Resistor 10 K 0603
R2, R3 Resistor 1 K 0603
Q1, Q2 Crystal 3M6864 SM49
J1 Power Jack PJ-002A 3 Solder Eyelets
SV1 Pin Header 2x13 2.54 RM, Male
SV2 Pin Header 2x13 2.54 RM, Female
SV3 Pin Header 1x6 2.54 RM, Male
SV4 Pin Header 1x4 2.54 RM, Male
SV5 Pin Header 1x2 2.54 RM, Male
SV7 Pin Header 1x4 2.54 RM, Male
2x for U3 Xbee Pin Header 1x10 2 RM, Male

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