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Enyport is growing fast!

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Enyport can now control Gembird socket strips (usb), FS20 and Plugwise actuators (wireless), KNX actuators (KNX/IP Gateway) and light sources with ZigBee Light Link and more coming soon. Enyport monitors also PIKO photovoltaics inverter from KOSTAL and electricity storages from Sonnenbatterie. You can access Enyport simply with the brand new enyport app for android (see images above), with your Browser or even directly from the Enyport itself with a plugged monitor, if you are using a RaspberryPi with Enyport expansion shield. All three are using a web interface based on REST to interact with webUI and jQuery for dynamic webcontent. Besides controlling all the connected devices, plugins can also switched on and off during runtime. Last but not least, Enyport is not only running on RaspberryPi, it also runs on the Gnublin platform and you can create embedded firmware based on Buildroot.


Introducing the new enyport prototype

populate-process of enyportA new enyport expansion shield for the RaspberryPi platform sees the light of day. Features of the new version are a C1101-Serial-Module with an Atmega1284p MCU and a 868MHz CC1101 transceiver supporting the FS20 protocol, an EnOcean TCM 310 transceiver tuned for 868MHz with EnOcean Serial Protocol V3 (ESP3) support and last but not least a socket for XBee transceiver modules to provide access to ZigBee Home Automation.

Layout Files & Part List available


The layout files of the enyport expansion shield for the Raspberry Pi are available now for free! For making your own enyport expansion shield feel free to download the eagle files and have a look at the table below, to see what parts you need to populate the board.

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