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enyport - Energy Management and Control Gateway

The enyport is a key enabling technology for the future use and control of energy consumption and optimization and is a mediator between smart grids and smart home solutions. Some of the base features of enyport are its flexibility, interoperability, and smartness in terms of combining different technology domains in one device providing a rich set of functions for a smarter energy management in home and building environments.

 enyport development board

Motivation - Inspired by huge challenges

Photovoltaic systems and wind turbines are shooting up out of the ground all over the place and are increasing the proportion of renewable energy in the grid. People are installing efficient heating systems and buying economical household appliances, in order to reduce the amount of precious energy they use. Energy management and storage solutions for effective energy distribution are becoming more frequently used in practice. But in most cases what's missing is an integrated IT solution that enables both communication and energy management between the individual components. It is precisely in this area that the competence center IT4Energy is positioned with its energy management and control gateway, enyport.


Metering - My home. My consumption. My data.

Contrary to the data storage models that are currently prevalent in many smart metering pilot projects, with enyport the consumption data remains within one’s own four walls. Consumption optimisation and building control can thus be effected locally and don't require a web portal. enyport will be able to use the Home Area Network (HAN) and Controllable Local System (CLS) interfaces of the Smart Meter Gateway (SMGW), which are stipulated by the Technical Guidelines set out by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Via the HAN interface, enyport receives the current consumption values that it needs for energy management. Meanwhile, via the CLS interface supported by enyport, the system operator is able to control loads if this is desirable and permissible by the customer. According to BSI specifications, the appropriate security mechanisms for HAN and CLS are applied during these processes. Secured remote access and the use of additional services is possible at any time; however, this remains under the control of the user.


Control - The best possible integration

The enyport system can be integrated in both new and existing home automation, building management and sensor system installations with extreme ease. This is achieved by way of supporting the most common transmission technologies, e.g. Wireless M-Bus, KNX, ZigBee, FS20 / Homematic and EnOcean.

In order to enable efficient energy production, distribution and use, the gateway will also support additional proprietary protocols and interfaces to electric vehicles, combined heat and power units, photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, as well as to stationary energy storages. The objective of the enyport project is integrated optimisation, by way of recording electricity, gas, water and heat consumption data and combining it with production, forecasting, pricing and other sensor data.

An extremely slim software and hardware design enables the system to be used in a flexible fashion. enyport is scalable from the embedded system, over top hat rail installation, to the set top box. In addition, integration as a component in common home router solutions is provided. The current prototype makes use of modern web technologies, such as REST and JSON, and is at present based on embedded systems like Raspberry PI or BeagleBone Black.




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